We believe JIU-JITSU is more than a sport, a force for good that brings people together both on and off the mats.


We are Black Belt Magazine Jiu-Jitsu (BBMJJ).

We’re changing how the art is perceived globally, and willing to rethink the industry and beyond. A jiu-jitsu magazine with a pedigree of challenging the status quo and innovation… a magazine, unlike any other.

We’re different by nature, and that’s the way we like it. Being different offers us the opportunity to achieve what no one else is doing and push the boundaries of what’s possible; to do what others tell us is impossible or not in line with the status quo.

Family is everything to us, and we aim to help jiu-jitsu positively impact millions of people.

Even though our global reach is expanding rapidly, we don’t want to act like the typical media titans with a watered-down, cookie cutter message. Having the timeless, unique, country specific perspective is what we seek to offer to you, our subscribers.

BBMJJ helps people interact with jiu-jitsu in new and exciting ways… with a 360-degree view of jiu-jitsu. We seek to tell the story of the 97% of jiu-jitsu practitioners who use/see the art as self-improvement, fitness, self-defense, a career path, etc., and not only to compete. These people are the influential figures in our communities such as doctors, economists, and firefighters that practice jiu-jitsu, GYM owners, and anyone who loves the art and contributes to it.

Furthermore, BBMJJ is neutral ground… a place where anyone can go to get relevant, quality, and timeless media content without bias as to teams, GYM’s, or affiliations. A welcoming platform where stories are respectful, truthful, and engaging. BBMJJ is a magazine for the people of jiu-jitsu and seeks to show the art in a new, more relatable light to everyone who wants to see it!


To give the Jiu-Jitsu community a voice and positively impact the world through the Art.


Create the most compelling Jiu-Jitsu multi-media platform, build a creative and diverse global team, and provide a timeless media experience.

BBMJJ is more than a name, but a movement to change how jiu-jitsu is seen and heard on a global scale… more than just a news and results… what jiu-jitsu truly is! BBMJJ reflects timeless values, a belief in a better world, and a vision for the future of the art.



TO HELP: There are many ways to help our communities: some active, some passive. Teaching, helping, leading, listening, collaborating, competing, etc., leave a place or situation better than you found it!

THE WORLD: We’re aiming high… which inspires us to serve as many people as possible and compels us to pursue a world where everyone is made better from jiu-jitsu and from the people who call it their martial art.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: We believe to be effective in positively changing lives, we have to be high performing in everything we do, strive for excellence. Work smarter, not harder, and find new ways to offer more to you, our customers.

FREEDOM: BBMJJ is created to offer people better, more relatable, and actionable content to empower them to live a better life. Freedom through positive change, knowledge, and through being a part of the Jiu-Jitsu community.

Our reach is global and growing quickly to provide you, our subscribers, with unmatched country enriched content from every jiu-jitsu corner of the world.


The first issue of Black Belt was published in 1961 by a Japanese American who, not surprisingly, practiced martial arts (primarily akido, kendo, judo, and jeet kune do). Based in Southern California, Mito Uyehara envisioned a national magazine that would help spread the Asian martial arts, the benefits of which he knew very well, to the American public.

As the years passed, the magazine adopted a monthly publication schedule and then added color inside. Along the way, it broke new ground by featuring a woman on the cover for the first time in 1964.

In 1968 Black Belt featured an African American martial artist on the cover for the first time. His name is Thomas LaPuppet.

The editors even put Bruce Lee on that coveted front page before he was a superstar. It was 1967, and his name was not deemed to be enough of a selling point to be placed next to his photo. Instead, the cover line read “Green Hornet’s Kato: Does He Really Practice Kung Fu?”

The year after Bruce Lee appeared on the cover, the editors unveiled the Black Belt Hall of Fame. In the ensuing decades, the company published books, made videos, hosted events, and launched spin-off magazines — Martial Arts Training, Fight-Sport, and Self-Defense for Women.

Later, when the world went digital, Black Belt expanded onto the Web, started an e-newsletter, launched a series of online martial arts courses, and built a strong following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Fast-forward to the present: Black Belt Magazine is expanding its reach to include more modern martial arts, most notably jiu-jitsu.

In 2020 Black Belt Magazine Jiu-Jitsu was created to fill the need for a dedicated multi-media platform to showcase what jiu-jitsu culture, the everyday heroes of the art, and so much more is what BBMJJ seeks to show the world. A new, modern, jiu-jitsu specific media platform with global reach, and a place everyone who loves the art can call their home for all things jiu-jitsu.